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From a tourist point of view, Spain and Murcia itself offer you a huge amount of interesting places to visit as the history of the city goes back to the years 800 where it was originally founded as part of Cordoba. Certainly amongst the famous visiting points for any traveller is the Cathedral de Santa Maria. Finished in the 15th century the cathedral is the most impressive monument of Murcia. The city is divided by the Segura River and is known for its beautiful Baroque Cathedral, Almudi Palace and the castle of Monteagudo ( where the Arab influence can be well appreciated ), a fortress from the 11th c., the Market de Veronicas, the Malecon Garden, the University of Murcia and the Museum Ramon Gaya. The Museum Ramon Gaya, dedicated to the artist with this same name and native of Murcia, is found in Casa Palarea in the Catalina Square. It was inaugurated in 1990 when the artist was 82 years old and also includes other works of art from other artists. Ramon Gaya was influenced by famous artists such as Vazquez and Rembrandt, so you have an idea of the intense precision of his work.

Mar Menor

One of the nicest ways to enjoy the Mar Menor is to hop aboard one of the boats that run daily excursions to La Perdiguera Island. While you are there, you can enjoy a refreshing swim and have lunch at one of the rustic-style beachside bars. Sardines, paella and cladero – another typical rice dish – are the local specialities.


Have you ever seen cetaceans at sea? There are few better places than the bay of Mazarron. Why not head off for a day, a weekend or a week aboard a fully-refurbished 20-metre Turkish gullet? As well as enjoying some time sailing the blue waters of the Mediterranean, you'll have the opportunity to spot cetaceans such as the common striped and bottlenose dolphin, long-finned pilot whale, grey pilot whale and, if you are lucky, finback and sperm whale.


Lorca Workshop of Time invites you to step back in time to the middle ages at the Fortress of the Sun. This imposing castle and symbol of the people of Lorca throughout time, is now a themed attraction with exhibitions, historical re-enactments, real-life archaeology in action, workshops, children's attractions, a café and a shop. Join the master stonemason, the alchemist or the castle watchman and discover the history of this frontier Land.


Upon the remains of the wall that used to defend ancient Qart-Hadast, there is an interpretation centre where you can find out all about the Punic Wars. Adults and children alike will be transported back to the times of Hamilcar, Hasdrubal and Scipio Africanus who, through audio-visual presentations will tell you about the history of one of the few remaining Punic ruins in the world. Cartagena Port of Cultures has come up with two great ways of discovering the city. Take a trip aboard the tourist catamaran and experience another facet of Cartagena as you enjoy the wonderful views of the bay and the castles and coastal gun batteries that used to defend the city. With its convenient stops near all the city's main points of interest, the tourist bus makes discovering Cartagena’s heritage all the easier.

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